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Young fathers 'need more support'
A young father shown on the DVD
The DVD aims to improve services on offer to young fathers
Young fathers need more support to help them get involved in parenting, according to a new campaign.

Fathers in their teens and early 20s from Leicester have helped to make a DVD to show the realities of parenthood and to highlight their needs.

Many of the Leicester fathers feel they are not getting the same support as mothers receive.

Organisers aim to get 60% of parents into employment, education or training by 2010.

The DVD, called "Young Dads", was made as part of the Young Fathers project, using funding from Leicester's Teenage Pregnancy Partnership.

We need to find new and better ways of reaching young men
Kirsty Reid, Teenage pregnancy co-ordinator

One man on the DVD is shown having to cancel a night out with his friends because of child care arrangements.

Another father voices his annoyance he can only change his baby's nappy in the women's toilets in a shopping centre.

Luke Gosling of the Young Fathers' Project said: "It's a long, slow process and it will take a while because we're not on the same level as we are with young mothers in helping them, giving them the services they need to feel comfortable."

Kirsty Reid, the city council's teenage pregnancy co-ordinator, added: "Research we've done locally confirms that we need to find new and better ways of reaching young men and providing services to them."

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