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Ugly pig turns into 'yummy mummy'
Wilma the pig
Before the makeover Wilma was unlucky in love
An ugly sow who was given a makeover to encourage her to mate has given birth to eight piglets.

Wilma, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, had been rejected for months by male pigs at her home in Twin Lakes Park, Leicestershire.

Wilma was given a massage in pig oil, a "trottercure" and a good wash.

On 11 September she gave birth to six female and two male piglets, even though a scan showed she was only expecting three.

Piggy mouth-to-mouth

Park manager Sandy Gyorvari ended up having to resuscitate the eighth baby pig after it emerged some time after the previous seven.

"I've had to do all sorts in this job but I think mouth-to-mouth on a tiny pig has to be the most unusual so far.

Last piglet
The last piglet had to have mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

"He is now happily feeding with all his sisters and doing really well. Wilma has become so well-known that as soon as people found out about the birth, we began receiving flowers and cards for her," she said.

Wilma was given her makeover in May in an attempt to "enhance her self-esteem" and win some male attention.

Wilma's keeper said at the time of her makeover: "We are really hoping that by making her feel good about herself, she'll entice the boys into her sty."

Six of her babies are pink with black spots and the other two are entirely black.

Visitors will be able to see the piglets in the next few days and staff hope that children will be able to help feed them in a couple of weeks' time.

Piggy makeover for lovelorn sow
10 May 06 |  Leicestershire

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