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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 August 2006, 09:17 GMT 10:17 UK
Anti-begging moves are 'failing'
A city council has been criticised by residents who claim a zero tolerance policy on begging is failing.

Leicester City Council started a campaign to reduce aggressive and persistent begging in the city in June.

Figures show local police and British Transport Police have dealt with just 12 cases since then.

Roger Blackmore, leader of Leicester City Council, said inroads had been made but agreed that more needed to be done to tackle the problem.

'Load of tosh'

Councillor Blackmore said: "We know in some spots they definitely have [been dealt with] but it's something I do need to follow up.

"I am very concerned about this and it is something I have been endeavouring to clear up."

Mick Green, who regularly begs in the city, said the council's zero tolerance policy on begging was not solving the problem.

"If they move you on from one spot, you just move on to another and then another and basically you're just walking round in circles.

"It's not working and it's a load of old tosh if you ask me."

The public has also been asked to help by not giving money to those on the street and reporting any incidents.

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