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Last Updated: Friday, 12 May 2006, 20:27 GMT 21:27 UK
Stilton scent pleases cheese fans
Stilton perfume bottle
If the scent proves popular it could be bottled for mass production
Stilton lovers can now satisfy their cravings for their favourite brand by wearing it - as a perfume.

Eau de Stilton is being launched by the Stilton Cheese Makers Association (SCMA) in a bid to encourage people to eat more blue stilton.

Only seven dairies in the world are licensed to make stilton and they are in Notts, Leics and Derbys.

The perfume, described as "fruity and earthy" by the SCMA, is now available in sample form from the association.

Star attraction

If the perfume proves to be a hit, there are plans to mass-produce the scent.

Nigel White, from the SCMA, said: "The perfume has a very earthy, musky, herby type of background which is very different to the very sweet perfumes you smell wafting down the street as someone walks past you."

Mr White added that the smell was not to everyone's taste and that there had been a mixed reaction to the perfume.

The SCMA has approached television presenter Cat Deeley to be the face of Eau de Stilton and a sample has been sent to her for her consideration.

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