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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 July 2005, 14:46 GMT 15:46 UK
Train crash van driver banned
Preparing to remove Mr Handy's van after the crash
The van was hit by a train travelling at around 75mph
A driver whose van left the road and was hit by an passenger train, has been given a nine month driving ban.

Simon Handy scrambled out before the train hit his vehicle and was slightly injured. Nobody on the train was hurt.

Handy said he still cannot remember how he left the A6 near Market Harborough in March.

The 36-year-old from Roman Way in Desborough, Northants, admitted careless driving and was fined 200 at Market Harborough Magistrates Court.

The train hit Handy's Vauxhall Corsa van at about 75mph and stopped a quarter of a mile away.

Simon Handy
Simon Handy said the crash barriers were inadequate

He said the next thing he remembered was standing by the road with two men who had stopped to help him.

"I vaguely remember saying to them, 'What's up with you?' and them saying 'Well, you've been hit by a train, mate'.

"And that's it - that is the total sum of memory I have of the accident."

On Tuesday, Market Harborough magistrates were told they had to take into account the fact that the accident on the A6 near the town happened at 6.55am on a straight road and with no other traffic involved.

After the case, the farm labourer claimed his van had gone through a gap in the crash barriers.

He said: "I would want to know who was responsible for designing the crash barriers - because in my opinion, they were not good enough.

"Because if they were good enough, I wouldn't have been on the railway line."

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