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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 January 2006, 15:05 GMT
PM under pressure on video games
Stefan Pakeerah
Stefan Pakeerah was killed in February 2004
Tony Blair has come under pressure to act on violent video games in the wake of the death of a teenager killed nearly two years ago in Leicester.

Stefan Pakeerah, 14, was killed by Warren Leblanc, 17, in February 2004.

Stefan's mother, Giselle, said she believed Leblanc's actions were prompted by the video game Manhunt.

Speaking at prime minister's question time on Wednesday, Leicester East MP Keith Vaz called for ministers to take steps to protect youngsters.

He pointed to new research by the University of Missouri which revealed a link between violent video games and violent acts.

Screenshot of Manhunt
Police said robbery - not the video Manhunt - was the killer's motive

"Will you look at this area of policy to see whether there are any further measures that can protect our children?" Mr Vaz asked.

"This is not about adult censorship, it is the protection of young children and young people."

Mr Blair said the government had commissioned its own research into the issue and intended to publish it shortly.

"We will be looking very carefully studying the impact of that research (by the University of Missouri) and then we will have a debate obviously as to how we take it forward," he said.

Manhunt was withdrawn from some high street shops after the death of Stefan, who died in a hammer and knife attack.

Police said robbery was the motive behind the attack in Stokes Wood Park on 26 February 2004 - and not the video game blamed by Stefan's parents.

Manhunt's maker Rockstar North has always insisted the game is geared towards mature audiences and is marketed responsibly.

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