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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 March, 2005, 08:31 GMT 09:31 UK
Schools move to close short cut
Residents in part of Leicestershire are fighting plans to close a well known short cut through school fields.

The Loughborough Endowed Schools say the path from Leicester Road to the Burton Walks has become a target for criminals, with 25 incidents last year.

On Wednesday they are sealing off the route for 24 hours as part of their move to have it closed for good.

But 90 letters of complaint have been sent to the county council saying the path is a well used route.

There is safety in numbers and any move to close it off would be counterproductive
Jill Vincent, local campaigner
There are two paths across the grounds, one is a recognised public right of way and the other is used as such.

The Grammar School, High School and Fairfield Prep School are using the new Countryside & Rights of Way Act to close the paths.

They say round the clock access means the grounds can never be regarded as secure.

Incidents on or near the path have ranged from vandalism to harassment and assault.

But local campaigner Jill Vincent does not think closing off the footpath will make the area safer.

She said: "There is safety in numbers and any move to close it off would be counterproductive.

"The more people who use it the safer it is because it is more overlooked and overseen."

Opening up the countryside
27 Dec 04 |  Wales

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