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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 October 2005, 12:01 GMT 13:01 UK
New probe into childhood asthma
Image of a child with asthma
Tests will try to see why some childtren develop the condition
Scientists at the University of Leicester are to conduct new research into childhood asthma.

Experts are developing a technique to test babies for the condition.

One in 10 children in the UK has asthma, but the condition can be difficult to diagnose and treat in a patient's early years.

Research funded by Asthma UK and led by a group at the University of Leicester aim to shed light on why some youngsters develop the condition.

Scientists will try new tests and techniques on 25 children under the age of two.

Dr Jonathan Grigg, who will lead the team, said he hoped his work would lead to increased understanding of why childhood wheezing persists in some children but not in others.

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