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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 March, 2005, 08:13 GMT
'Shock' posters to fight drug use
drug poster
The posters show the effect of drug abuse
Photos of women whose lives have been ravaged by drug abuse are being put up across Leicestershire.

The advertising campaign is aimed to shock people into taking action in their communities, Leicestershire police said.

The "before-and-after" images, including both teenaged and middle-aged addicts, are being used to drive home the anti-drugs message.

One of the women featured in the campaign died because of her addiction.

Thousands of posters and leaflets will be distributed across the county featuring the message "Don't let drug dealers change the face of your neighbourhood".

The posters are being used to highlight Operation Crackdown, a three-month campaign that aims to shut down drug dens, disrupt drug markets and bring dealers to justice.

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