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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 June, 2005, 15:32 GMT 16:32 UK
Bibles to stay on hospital wards
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There were concerns bedside books could help spread infection
A hospitals trust criticised for reviewing the tradition of having Bibles by patients' bedsides have pledged they will remain.

The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust said it wanted to look at how to accommodate all religious texts in its hospitals.

It was also concerned whether the Bibles could spread the superbug MRSA.

Bible distributors, Gideons International, had accused the trust of "political correctness gone mad".

Bibles restocked

Trust chairman Philip Hammersley said at a board meeting on Thursday: "Let me make it very clear that at no time has the trust considered banning Bibles from our wards or hospitals.

"However, discussions have taken place recently between the trust and Gideons International following their request to restock Bibles at Leicester General Hospital.

"I can confirm that Gideons Bibles will remain in patient bedside lockers.

"In addition, information will also be placed in all lockers advising patients that other religious texts are available on request."

Iain Mair, executive director of Gideons International UK, said: "We have had discussions with the hospital and we are delighted with the outcome of these discussions, which mean that the Gideons Bibles remain in the patients' bedside lockers."

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