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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 November, 2004, 17:55 GMT
Register scanner gets thumbs-up
Pupils registering at Loughborough Grammar (photo by Mark Warner)
The system gives teachers more time to focus on pupils
A revolutionary thumb-print register scheme has been adopted at an independent school in Leicestershire.

Boys at Loughborough Grammar now show their attendance by pressing their thumbs on scanners around the school.

A trial run showed the technique gave teachers more time to focus on the school's 1,023 students, instead of ticking names off on registers.

It means form tutors and heads of year can instantly track students' attendance on their computers.

'Modern and fun'

Head teacher Paul Fisher said: "Our form teachers spend tutor periods dealing with student concerns now that they don't have to take a register.

"In the afternoons students now go straight to lessons, which has gained us more time for teaching.

"It's modern and fun and has been a great success on all fronts."

The finger-print or "biometric" technology will now also be used by Loughborough Grammar School to replace their school lunch tickets.

The Live Register system has been developed by ex-Loughborough Grammar School students Mark McMorran and Dave Carrington, directors of Cyclone Industries Limited.

The BBC's Jonathan Cecil
"Paper registers are time consuming"

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