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Man dies after battling obesity
Iain Sturgess
Iain Sturgess' family say he knew the risks involved in the operation
A Leicester man who fought a long battle against obesity has died weeks after having surgery to reduce the size of his stomach.

Iain Sturgess, who weighed more than 40 stone, waited two years for surgery to make his stomach the size of a lemon.

The 32-year-old former lorry driver died on Monday evening. An inquest will be held to find out if the surgery was a contributing factor to his death.

His sister-in-law Sharon Sturgess said he would be greatly missed.

He was really positive and to lose him now is just so unfair
Sharon Sturgess, sister-in-law

Mr Sturgess, who underwent surgery in early July, said doctors had warned him he had a fifty-fifty chance of survival.

Speaking last Friday he said: "I suppose there is only myself to blame, because I'm the only person putting food in my mouth.

"But there must be something that is wrong with me, that basically is that is why I've put the weight on."

Sharon Sturgess said: "He knew the risk, but I think in Iain's mind this was his cure for his weight problem.

"So the risk did outweigh things but the doctors were very good - they said they'd give him the best possible chance.

"He was really positive and to lose him now is just so unfair because he'd been through the worst of it with the operation."

Six-month wait for stomach surgery
13 Jan 03  |  England


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