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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 June, 2004, 07:27 GMT 08:27 UK
Heart attack victim praises drug
A man from Leicestershire has become the youngest in the country to be treated with a clot busting drug by a paramedic after having a heart attack.

Linus Ridge from Rothley,36,collapsed five weeks ago while at work.

The drug, which was pioneered in the East Midlands, will be available to all paramedics in Leicestershire by the end of the year.

Mr Ridge, who used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day said the attack has made him radically change his life.

Early treatment

He said: "There is no doubt about it, it ultimately saved my life and preserved it so hopefully I can live a good many years to come."

Paramedic Steve Percival treated Mr Bridge at the scene.

He said: "Heart attack victims are getting younger mostly due to smoking, drinking and the hectic pace of life, they all contribute to people suffering heart attacks younger.

"We did an assessment and started to administer drugs.

"We don't just scoop them up as we did in the old days, you start treatment straight away as the earlier you give treatment, the better the outcome for the patient."

Mr Bridge is hoping to return to work in two weeks time.

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