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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 June, 2004, 11:35 GMT 12:35 UK
Worker paid 'around 60 a month'
A worker who was paid 29 pence an hour has been awarded more than 5,000 after an employment tribunal hearing.

The Leicester man, who worked at a wholesale cash-and-carry business, was paid 60 in cash for his first month of work.

The man, who has learning difficulties, was later paid a higher wage of between 40 and 50 for a 45 to 48 hour week.

He contacted the Highfields Minimum Wage Project and was advised to make a claim with the employment tribunal.

4.50 minimum

After the hearing, the worker, who has not been named, started a county court action against Falcon Cash & Carry on Syston Street West in Leicester.

He was eventually paid 5,000 plus costs by the firm in an out-of-court settlement in May 2004.

The minimum wage is 4.50 an hour for those aged over 22.

We will persist with these cases until we get employers to pay the minimum wage
Champa Chudasama

Fiona Simpson, solicitor at Morrish and Company, said: "I was delighted to achieve a successful conclusion to this case on behalf of the worker and his union - KFAT.

"It is important that workers are protected from unscrupulous employers who flaunt the rules in areas relating to the national minimum wage".

Champa Chudasama, project officer for the Highfields Minimum Wage Project in Leicester, said: "He was ultimately very relieved to get the settlement - he got the money he deserved."

"We will persist with these cases until we get employers to pay the minimum wage to workers - we will not go away."

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