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Last Updated: Friday, 3 September, 2004, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK
Murder parents criticise sentence
Stefan Pakeerah
Stefan was repeatedly battered and stabbed by his older friend
The parents of a teenager battered to death in a park have criticised the sentence given to the murderer.

Giselle Pakeerah described Warren Leblanc, 17, as the "the epitome of evil" and said she was disgusted by his 13-year tariff.

Leblanc admitted killing Stefan Pakeerah, 14, in Stokes Wood Park in Leicester on 23 February.

A judge at Leicester Crown Court, ordered Leblanc to stay in jail for at least 13 years of his life sentence.

The court had been told Leblanc had intended to rob Stefan so he could settle a 75 debt.

Mrs Pakeerah said of Leblanc: "He is the epitome of evil, cruel, calculating, a master of disguise who pretended to be my son's friend.

I came here expecting justice for my son - I am disgusted with the sentence
Giselle Pakeerah
"He came into my house with the weapons, then brutally executed him.

"He doesn't have a shred of human decency or conscience. I want the memory of my son to haunt him.

"For someone to injure another person in a way that Warren did Stefan, how could robbery be the motive for that?

"I came here expecting justice for my son. I am disgusted with the sentence.

"It didn't reflect the premeditation involved."

The 14-year-old's parents had suggested the attack had been influenced by a violent computer game called Manhunt.

Game controversy

Outside court, Stefan's father Patrick, claimed that the game had been an "instruction manual" for his son's killer.

"It gave him an idea," he said. "It gave him some idea of how to go about what he did.

"It has left an empty void in my life; I don't think any sentence would have been long enough for me."

Detective Superintendent Bob Small, of Leicestershire Police, reiterated his belief that robbery was the motive behind the attack, and not the video game blamed by the victim's parents.

"It would appear to be a robbery that has gone wrong and not an attack based on a video game," he said.

"We can find no direct evidence to link the game to the death."

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