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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 August, 2004, 17:38 GMT 18:38 UK
Young crash victim's gift of life
Callum Deacon
Callum discussed organ donation with his parents
A 12-year-old boy killed in a road accident has saved three lives after becoming an organ donor.

Callum Deacon, of Leicester, died in June after being hit by a motorcycle while out playing with friends.

Before the crash he told his parents he wanted his organs to be donated if anything was to happen to him.

On Tuesday Callum's family said his liver had been given to a nine-month-old baby and his kidneys to two men.

'Amazing youngster'

His mother Mandy, 33, told how she and Callum had watched a television show about organ donors shortly after his 12th birthday.

She said: "Callum being Callum said if anything ever happened, that's what he would want to happen to him. From a 12-year-old, that's amazing.

It gives us a lot of comfort to know that three other people have got a better life from Callum
Mandy Deacon

"That was just typical Callum. He was always thinking about other people. If anybody was down in the dumps, he would always try to make them smile."

Mrs Deacon added: "It gives us a lot of comfort to know that three other people have got a better life from Callum. It's a comfort to know that that little baby will have a life and grow up.

Callum, who left a brother, Michael, 16, and 10-year-old sister Casey, was hit by a Yamaha motorbike near the junction of Asquith Way with Attlee Way in Leicester.

Local shops raised money towards Callum's headstone, while former Leicester City footballer Muzzy Izzet donated a signed shirt for auction.

'Critical shortage'

Bob Corfield, from NHS UK Transplant, said: "This is a positive thing to come out of a dreadful tragedy.

"One of the main messages we try to send out to people, whatever the age, is to talk about it amongst their families.

"We are glad someone so young has been thinking about the needs of others in this way."

Mr Corfield said there still remained "a critical shortage" of donors in the UK, with about 6,000 people on the waiting list.

Organ donor bid rejected by MPs
28 Jun 04  |  Politics

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