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Computers help land mine victims
The founder of a charitable trust which helps the victims of land mines is looking forward to taking a shipment of computers to Bosnia.

Bob French from the Melton Mowbray-based Against Landmines group is taking computers and books to help people rebuild their lives.

Much of the equipment was provided by the fundraising efforts of students at Loughborough Grammar School.

Mr French felt the equipment could make a big difference to people's prospects.

He said: "They will be distributed out to landmine victims, who will be will be shown how to use the computers.

"They will be trained up on them, they will be shown how to use Word and Excel so they can use the databases.

"And special training will be given for their particular requirements, say, if it is a child going though school they will be taught how to use it to help with schoolwork."

Mine machine brings hope
20 Nov 02  |  England

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