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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 March, 2004, 14:15 GMT
Man 'put bomb' under wife's bed
A jealous husband allegedly rigged up a petrol bomb under his wife's bed after finding out she was cheating on him, Leicester Crown Court has heard.

Douglas Gadsby, 39, denies the attempted murder of his wife Deborah, 27, in September 2003.

The court was told Mr Gadsby set a timer to trigger the makeshift device, which was hidden in cuddly toys.

She stayed up to watch BBC sitcom The Vicar of Dibley that evening - allowing her to escape unharmed.

Suicide attempt

Deborah Gadsby, 27, only escaped the attempt on her life when she broke her usual routine to watch TV, a jury at Leicester Crown Court heard.

Mr Gadsby told police he first discovered his wife's illicit affair when he caught her in the toilet with another man at the social club where they both worked.

The affair ended a short time later when Mr Gadsby tried to kill himself, the court was told.

Mr Gadsby, a barman and delivery worker for the family sandwich shop, said he was sleeping on the sofa at their home in Stocking Farm, Leicester, in September 2003.

He said he had gone to work at Stocking Farm Social Club and rang his wife twice on the evening the bomb was found.

Twin hotplate

He told police that just after 2300 GMT his hysterical wife called him to say there was a hotplate under the bed.

He said he ran straight out of the club and home where he found his wife on the front doorstep.

Under the bed upstairs was a twin hotplate on full, with two plastic bottles full of petrol attached with a digital timer switch.

Smoke was coming out of the room.

Mr Gadsby said he phoned police, who told him to move the canisters.

Mr Gadsby, now of Hinckley Road, Leicester, denies attempted murder.

He admits buying the stove but said he had no idea who rigged up the bomb.

The trial continues.

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