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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 January, 2004, 09:31 GMT
'Boring' idea gets mixed reaction
Haymarket Theatre
Is Leicester boring?
An advertising campaign which dubs Leicester as "boring" has received a mixed response since its launch last year, says the man behind the promotion.

The 250,000 campaign was designed to get people talking and encourage locals to defend the East Midlands city.

It features posters slogans such as "Boring, Boring Leicester" and "Leicester - Nothing to shout about".

Paul Brookes, from Leicester Shire Promotions, said the campaign had confused some people, but in general had drawn three types of response.

People have got aspirations and ideas for what they want to see happen
Paul Brookes

He said: "I think there are those people who say 'that's absolute nonsense, Leicester is a really interesting place.'

"I think there is another category of people who think it (Leicester) is a bit dull and needs to do things about it.

"That is a reaction that I am pleased with because it means people have got aspirations and ideas for what they want to see happen.

"And I think the third group is people who think the campaign is fantastic and really clever."

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