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Last Updated: Monday, 30 June, 2003, 10:56 GMT 11:56 UK
Rubbish collections 'miss out flats'
Rubbish collector
Residents are missing out on collections
Council tenants living in Mill Hill in Leicester say their health is at risk because their rubbish is not being collected.

The seven tenants say their bins are overflowing and they now have four weeks of rubbish piled high in their block.

The company responsible for collecting the rubbish, SITA, has said the flats do not exist on their route plans.

When the bins were not emptied, residents resorted to leaving the rubbish outside, but were told by the council that this constituted dumping and was not allowed.

Smelly problem

Jaimini Bharkhada who lives in the flats said the smell is horrible and it is attracting flies, which are a risk to their health.

"It is depressing because you're having to live in the block, with the rubbish, with the flies, with the smell and it is not particularly pleasant to have to live in it.

"I feel let down by the housing office, by Leicester City Council.

"The fact that it has not been resolved, four weeks down the road and I just feel kind of helpless at the moment."

The city council's refuse collection department has said they are trying to resolve the problem, but do not want people to dump rubbish on the streets.

Councillor Gary Hunt is the cabinet member with responsibility for refuse collection: "We've got a special team looking for these problems at the moment.

"I reported a couple last week and they were cleared in a matter of hours."

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