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Muslim group question KFC halal claim

KFC chicken
KFC have approval from the HFA but not HMC

The Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) has met KFC to question the legitimacy of the halal chicken the fast-food chain is selling as part of a trial.

KFC has approval from the Halal Food Authority (HFA) but the LCM disagrees with the authority's mechanical slaughtering and stunning methods.

Only the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) adheres to LCM criteria.

"KFC has assured us that it will look into this issue again," LCM spokesman Molaner Hanif told BBC Asian Network.

"They will look at why they chose HFA. We are optimistic we will have more dialogue with KFC and try to bring them to a criteria which will be universally accepted."

We will continue to evaluate both customer feedback and its commercial success
KFC statement

Halal meat is blessed as it is killed and, although this is traditionally done by a person, the HFA says a mechanised form of stun and slaughter was also now acceptable.

The HFA is internationally recognised and is a member of the World Halal Council but the LCM told KFC at this week's meeting that they do not agree with its interpretation.

KFC said it would continue to monitor its trial which was taking place in 86 stores across the country.

A KFC statement read: "We launched our halal trial in certain restaurants in the UK following demand from Muslims and have worked with the HFA, the UK's largest and oldest halal certification body, to accredit the trial.

"We were pleased to meet with the LCM to explain the lengths we have gone to in order to ensure our trial restaurants fully support the HFA accreditation, although we now recognise the LCM supports the HMC's interpretation of halal criteria.

"The HFA is recognised by the World Halal Council, and accredits hundreds of UK businesses including Domino's, Kellogg's and McCain.

"The trial is going well so far, and over the coming months we will continue to evaluate both customer feedback and its commercial success."

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