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School bus 'explodes' in flames

Burning bus outside Runshaw College courtesy of Grace Lund
The bus stop was also destroyed in the fire

Students watched in shock as their school bus went up in flames outside their college in Lancashire.

The Arriva double-decker caught alight by Runshaw College in Leyland just as the pupils were finishing their lessons at 1630 GMT on Thursday.

The driver and some teenagers who were on the bus managed to get off without being injured, witnesses confirmed.

Sam Davey, 16, said the bus "seemed to explode into flames" and "everyone was running to get away".

Police believe the fire was caused by an electrical fault behind the driver's seat.

Another student, Chris Cornah, said: "It was pretty frightening, and everyone seemed really shocked.

"I was coming out of my last lesson when I saw smoke billowing, I turned the corner and the bus was burning."

The bus and the nearby stand were destroyed by the fire, while another bus was partially damaged, the fire service said.

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