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Woman's shock at unexpected twins


Mrs Giles said she could not stop laughing after being told the news

A woman gave birth to twins 13 days after visiting the doctor feeling "rundown and tired".

Sally Giles, from Lancashire, was told she might have a thyroid problem and doctors took blood and urine samples.

But when the results came back the 34-year-old from Leyland was told she was at least 20 weeks pregnant.

Twins Emma and Kate arrived 13 days later with the family still preparing. "I'd bought a steriliser - that was the only thing," said Mrs Giles.

She gave birth to the baby girls - weighing 2lb each - by emergency caesarean last year.

I hadn't gone up a dress size or anything
Sally Giles

Mrs Giles, who also lives with her husband, David, and children Charlotte, 13, and Daniel, four, had started feeling rundown in September 2008.

"I had to go in for an appointment and that's when I found out I was at least 20 weeks pregnant," she told the BBC.

Mrs Giles was taking contraceptive pills and was still menstruating when she was told the news, which she said came as a "bit of a shock".

"I hadn't gone up a dress size or anything," she added.

"On the day I found out I was pregnant I was still wearing my normal clothes and there was nothing really to say I was pregnant."

Mrs Giles said twins do not run in either sides of their family so news of the extra addition was a double surprise.

"We just kept laughing at each other," she added.

"It took a while to sink in that I was pregnant in the first place, and took a bit longer to sink in there was two of them."

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