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Bed tester's bottom 'worth 1m'

Graham Butterfield
Graham Butterfield says his buttocks are "more sensitive"

A bed tester is laying claim to the most valuable bottom in Britain.

Graham Butterfield's buttocks are so sensitive bosses at Lancashire-based bed firm Silentnight have insured the prized posterior for 1m.

The sales director has became official "Bed Bouncer" at the factory in Barnoldswick when it emerged his bottom was more responsive than the norm.

Mr Butterfield, 54, said: "It may sound ridiculous but my bottom really isn't like any other."

The grandfather-of-two has worked at the company for 27 years but has only recently been "promoted" to his new role.

Bosses said his hypersensitive rear was so reliable in recognising the different fillings in their mattresses that product developers began to consult him on new products.

I'm sure I'm the butt of everyone's jokes but I'm very proud to be the owner of a 1m backside
Graham Butterfield

His duties involve bouncing on the beds and giving feedback on the softness, textures and fillings.

Mr Butterfield's input means he essentially decides whether a bed goes on sale or back to the drawing board.

"I have increased sensitivity around the buttocks and can literally feel the difference in materials and fillings used, simply by sitting on it," he said.

"I'm sure I'm the butt of everyone's jokes but I'm very proud to be the owner of a 1m backside."

Insurance company Zurich has provided the cover, which means a payout of up to 1m in the event of Mr Butterfield's buttocks being damaged in an accident.

A Zurich spokeswoman said: "It was a very unusual request but the company is a good customer and we were prepared to be flexible."

Steven Simpson, Silentnight brand manager, said the company was convinced that taking out the policy was "worth every penny".

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