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Burglar jailed over unusual walk

CCTV footage
The man on the footage had distinctive bow legs

A burglar walked into a two-year jail term after his distinctive swagger was matched by experts from CCTV footage.

John Gibson Rigg may have successfully hidden his face but he was caught on camera walking to the scene.

A podiatrist, who specialises in gait analysis, matched the man and the walk and together with DNA evidence he was charged with two burglaries.

The 35-year-old, from Rawcliffe Avenue, Bolton, pleaded guilty at Bolton Crown Court and was jailed for two years.

On 24 January 2007, Rigg broke into a house on Whittam Road, Whalley and stole property valued at 4,500 including a computer, ipods and TV, while the occupants slept upstairs.

He also burgled a house on Chorley New Road, Bolton in April 1998, stealing a safe and 7,500 in cash while the owners were on holiday.

'Visual evidence'

Rigg was arrested after DNA evidence was found at the scene. But when detectives noticed a man with a distinctive walk on CCTV around the time of the crime they brought in expert podiatrist Ian Linane.

The man on the footage had noticeable bowed legs and an unusual way of moving his left arm.

He was filmed in custody and the specialist found matches.

Mr Linane said: "This type of approach can be valuable in a number of ways in that it is not always hindered by types of clothing worn or even disguises.

"It has been used to eliminate as well as implicate individuals.

"There have been several cases of suspects admitting their guilt based on the visual evidence presented to them and as such it can save considerably on court costs."

Det Con Mark Cruise said: "I hope this sends out a strong message that even criminals who conceal their faces can still be identified due to this relatively new type of forensic analysis."

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John Rigg caught by his distinctive walk

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