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Attack jury played desperate call
Sophie Lancaster
Sophie Lancaster died in hospital two weeks after the attack
The jury in the trial of a teenage boy accused of kicking a woman to death has been played a 999 call from a witness begging for an ambulance.

The call, lasting about 13 minutes, was made near the end of the attack on Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby in Bacup, Lancashire, last year.

Sobbing and crying throughout, the tape played to Preston Crown Court begins with the girl detailing the attack.

"We need, we need an ambulance at Bacup Park, this mosher's just been banged because he's a mosher. We need an ambulance at Bacup Park quick on the skate park."

As the operator asks for the address she adds, "It's a mosher just been banged for no reason.

"Yeah we need an ambulance because he's lying on the floor not even breathing. I don't even know him but he's just been battered and it's horrible."

They're just laid there with blood all over their face, they can't even move, they just look like dummies

In the background two of the girl's male friends can be heard trying to stop the attack.

One can be heard shouting "get off him", while the other describes Mr Maltby as being "practically dead".

The girl continues: "Everyone is still on him, but don't tell 'em I'm on the phone to you right now."

"His girlfriend is on the floor as well. They're still breathing but they are full of blood. Please just send an ambulance quick.

"She's choking on her blood, please will you help us quick."

Despite pleading for help, the girl is then heard asking if she will get in trouble for reporting the attack.

Robert Maltby in November 2007
Robert Maltby was put in the recovery position by the three

She says: "I'm not going to get done for reporting this am I? Because all the Bacup lot will hate me because I've reported it."

The operator, struggling to calm the girl down, tells her and her two friends to check if the victims are breathing.

Calling to her friends, the girl is heard saying: "Oi, are they breathing? Are they breathing?

She tells the operator: "Just about they said. Just about, they are both just about breathing...they've both got their eyes closed."

The operator then tells the girl to try to stem the blood with something so she takes her t-shirt off and orders her friends to do the same.

Girl: "Oi, just take your T-shirts off and put it over the bleeding. Just help em for f****s sake."

After the operator asks if this has helped, she replied: "No, it's all over their hands, all coming out of their eyes, all out their nose and everything. Please just help us quick, please, please."

The girl then tells the operator Mr Maltby is being sick and she is told to put them both in the recovery position.

She adds: "They're just laid there with blood all over their face, they can't even move, they just look like dummies."

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