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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 February 2008, 19:34 GMT
Resort's 300m for regeneration
Blackpool beach and tower
The town will get 82m to improve sea defences
Blackpool is to get 300m of government money for regeneration as a consolation for missing out on the super-casino.

The funding for the Lancashire resort was announced by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears.

Included in the package is 100m for new schools and a higher education facility and 82m to improve sea defences and fund local events.

But Labour MP for Blackpool South, Gordon Marsden, raised doubt about how much of the funding was new.

He said: "It remains to be seen how much the money in that package is actually new and focused money.

"That will obviously be looked at very, very carefully indeed."

Tram plan

The cash is in addition to the 85m pledged earlier this month to refurbish the 120-year-old seafront tram system.

The North West Development Agency (NWDA) has also pledged support for the regeneration of the town centre, while English Partnerships will allocate up to 35m towards housing in the North and South Beach areas.

The funding comes as a response to the Blackpool Task Force report, commissioned after the town was told it would not host the super-casino.

The task force was made up of members of the council, the NWDA, the urban regeneration company ReBlackpool and other agencies.

Hazel Blears said: "This funding will provide a real boost for Blackpool.

"Our response to the Blackpool Taskforce report builds on the 85m already confirmed for the tram, and will continue to drive forward the transformation of Blackpool's future."

Blackpool reaction to government money

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