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Woman tries to hide iguana in bra
Iguana found at Blackpool Airport
The iguana was found in the woman's bra
An iguana which was smuggled into Blackpool Airport in a woman's bra has found a new home at the resort's zoo.

The green reptile was discovered when a police officer noticed something was moving under a woman's dress at the airport on Friday.

She was stopped and after a security guard found the iguana peeking out of her bra, she admitted it was hers.

Police said the woman, who agreed her pet could go to a new home at Blackpool Zoo, would not be prosecuted.

Sue Kendrick, of the airport, said: "Due to the security measures in place at the airport, we are used to confiscating many items. But we never expected to see an iguana."

Wild iguanas live in Central and South America and the smaller West Indian islands.

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