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Toddler leaves home via pet-flap
Shahid Iqbal - picture courtesy of MEN Syndication
Cabbie Shahid Iqbal called police after finding Morgan
A toddler was found on a busy road after slipping out of his Lancashire home through a pet-flap.

Morgan Place, 15 months old, was spotted by a taxi driver about 300 yards (274m) from his family's house in Crawshawbooth, Rossendale.

His parents believe his older brother lifted the toddler from his cot, before he found his own way out.

The cabbie who found him, Shahid Iqbal said: "I thought I was having a daydream. I was shocked."

Mr Iqbal asked around to see if anyone knew who the baby was, before calling the police.

It's every parent's nightmare
Louise Place

Morgan had crawled out of the flap - designed for dogs and cats - and even managed to open a gate.

His father Darren Place, 33, ran out after realising what had happened.

He said: "We have not been in the house long and are not used to having a cat-flap."

Morgan's mother, Louise, 36, was at work when the incident happened.

She said: "Thank God he was all right. It was devastating for Darren.

"It's every parent's nightmare."

The family think Morgan was trying to get to a nearby newsagent's shop they regularly visit.

No police action

Police told the family the toddler was about to cross the road when he was found, but have assured them the matter will not be taken any further.

Insp Dave Hodson said: "It would appear that this young child had escaped from his home address by climbing through the flap and was found by a taxi driver.

"The child's mother was at work at the time and was extremely distraught when she found out.

"Everyone at the house is fit and healthy and they have now changed the house security arrangements."

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