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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 May 2007, 14:26 GMT 15:26 UK
Travellers camp out at university
Lancaster University
About 50 caravans are camped on the university's rugby pitches
Legal measures are being put in place to try to evict a group of travellers who have taken up residence on the rugby pitches at Lancaster University.

About 50 caravans arrived at the site - which is visible from the M6 motorway - during the weekend.

A spokesman for the university said that the travellers had refused to move on despite requests.

A council environmental housing officer said the university as landowner had the responsibility to remove them.

Travellers evicted

University spokeswoman Victoria Tyrrell said: "The university has asked the travellers to move and they have refused.

"They have been informed that they are trespassing and the university has started a complex legal process to have them removed."

Martin Brownjohn from Lancaster City Council said that they had recently dealt with other traveller groups and believed that they were heading through the county to the Appleby horse fair.

"They are usually seeking short-period stopping places, and generally do not cause problems, although these do seem to be leaving a lot of refuse behind", he added.

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