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Bomb plot accused 'sad' over UK
David Jackson
David Jackson denies charges under the Explosive Substances Act
A dentist accused of plotting to make a bomb told police the country was "being swamped" by immigrants, a court heard.

David Jackson, 62, made the remark when arrested after chemicals were found at the home of ex-British National Party candidate Robert Cottage, 49.

Mr Jackson, of Nelson, Lancashire, told Manchester Crown Court he was "saddened" about the state of the UK, but would not do anything about it.

Mr Cottage, of Colne, and Mr Jackson deny conspiracy to cause an explosion.

Mr Cottage, of Talbot Street, has admitted a charge of possessing explosives. Mr Jackson denies both counts.

I do have strong views, but am too idle to do anything about it
David Jackson

Mr Jackson said he bore no ill-feeling towards foreigners but blamed government policy for "troubles in our society".

Officers searched Mr Cottage's home last September and found chemicals including ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid and ball bearings.

Officers recovered two nuclear protection suits and a bow and arrows from Mr Jackson's Trent Road home.

Earlier, Mr Cottage told the hearing that he stockpiled chemicals, airguns and crossbows to protect his family for an "inevitable" civil war.

On Tuesday, Mr Jackson told Andrew Nuttall QC, defending, he had no intention of creating an explosive device.

He said he had no agreement with Cottage to make a device and did not have any reason to harm anyone.

Mr Jackson said he agreed to purchase a number of chemicals via an internet site Cottage had shown him but said these were to be used for "personal experiments".

Robert Cottage
Robert Cottage admits a charge of possessing explosives

He said he had a lifelong interest in chemistry and planned to pursue it as a hobby when he retired.

Mr Jackson said: "I disagreed with Robert's prediction of doom and gloom and his view of anticipated civil strife but he never suggested doing anything silly."

He was not a BNP member but had attended a few party meetings, the jury heard.

When interviewed by detectives, Mr Jackson made reference to the country "being swamped" by immigrants.

He said: "I had returned from working abroad and found my native land entirely altered and it saddened me greatly.

"I really do believe that excess of immigration is causing troubles in our society.

"I do not have any ill-feelings towards foreigners. It's the policies of the government which does not please me."

Mr Nuttall asked him he if he felt strongly enough on the subject to harm anyone.

Mr Jackson replied: "No, I do have very strong views but I am too idle to do anything about it. I'm apolitical."

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