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Last Updated: Monday, 27 November 2006, 14:19 GMT
Loud warning for all litter louts
Cigarette ends
Councils have the power to issue a 75 fine to anyone who drops litter
Anti-litter patrols in Lancashire have been using a loud hailer to shame people who drop rubbish in the street.

Patrols from Lancaster City Council have been out in Lancaster and Morecambe targeting litter louts.

Anyone spotted dropping litter is given a loud hailer warning and could face an on-the-spot fine of 75.

Under new laws, introduced in April 2006, councils can issue penalties to anyone who drops litter, including gum and cigarettes.

Education and enforcement

Litter patrols have been joined by police community support officers and will be monitoring streets around the two town centres until 1 December.

"For the past few months we've been heavily publicising these new powers, and this high profile walkabout is all part of getting the message across," said Colin Fish, from the council's environmental department.

The Putting Litter In Its Place campaign aims to improve cleanliness in the district by focussing on education and enforcement, the council said.

Preston City Council won the Birse Trophy in 2005, a national award for promoting environmental cleanliness, for its work in targeting litter-droppers - including a loud hailer campaign.

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