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Woman urges stolen dogs' return
Jenny Williams and dog
Mrs Williams fears her dogs may have been stolen to order
A widow is making a desperate plea for the return of 11 dogs stolen from her home in Lancashire.

Jenny Williams, 67, returned to her home in Bamber Bridge to find five West Highland terriers and six Welsh terriers missing from their kennels.

She was left with just one dog, Polly, and is offering a reward for the safe return of the rest of her pets.

Mrs Williams, who has just recovered from brain surgery, said: "They are my family - they are what keep me going."

Lancashire Police are investigating the theft, which happened while Mrs Williams was out for just three hours.

Dogs are stolen to order, to be held to ransom or to breed from - but the stealing to order is rife at the moment
Sheena Seagrave, Missing Pets Bureau

Mrs Williams, who breeds West Highland terriers and Welsh terriers, believes the stolen dogs are worth more than 4,000.

But she said that was not why she wanted them back so badly.

"Possibly I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for them, because I have been looking forward to getting them back and getting back to a more normal life," said Mrs Williams.

"I don't want to know who took them, where they got taken or anything. I wouldn't ask any questions - I just desperately want them back."

According to the Missing Pets Bureau, dog theft is becoming a huge problem.

Spokeswoman Sheena Seagrave said: "Unfortunately it is an increasing crime in the UK - there has been a 141% in the last 12 months.

"Dogs are stolen to order, to be held to ransom or to breed from - but the stealing to order is rife at the moment."

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