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Last Updated: Monday, 22 May 2006, 16:34 GMT 17:34 UK
Taxi football shirt ban relaxed
England flag on a taxi
The council said it did not want to stop support for England
A ban on taxi drivers wearing football shirts during the World Cup has been relaxed by a council.

Blackpool Council introduced the dress code last September after consultation with taxi firms.

But some drivers called for the council to ease the ban so that patriotic cabbies could wear England tops.

"It was never our intention to stop support for the England team during the World Cup and indeed taxis are already flying the flag," said the council.

Shirt ban

Taxi driver Stephen Buckley said: "I'm totally in favour of the banning of football club shirts, because it could provoke violence towards the driver, with opposition fans in the back of the vehicle.

"But I think it's absolutely ridiculous that I can't come out to work as a normal working-class person and wear the colours of my country."

A council statement said: "For the duration of the World Cup taxi drivers will be able to wear England football shirts providing they are clean and tasteful.

"Taxi drivers are often the first point of contact with visitors and at a time when Blackpool is investing millions of pounds driving up standards it is important that we all ensure we offer our visitors a high quality service."

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