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Those who died at Morecambe Bay
Some of the missing cocklers have not been found

It is believed 23 people died in the rising tides at Morecambe Bay in February 2004, although only 21 bodies were recovered.

Twenty of the victims were from the eastern Fujian province, and one was from the Liaoning province in the north of the country.

Among those who drowned were an 18-year-old man and a husband and wife.

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The bodies of 17 men and two women were recovered on the night of the tragedy and taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. Other bodies were found washed up later.

The victims were identified using DNA samples, medical records and possessions found on their bodies.

The victims were identified as:

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  • Yu Hui, 34, who was married with two sons.

  • Chen Mu Yu, 30, married with one eight-year-old son.

  • Guo Nian Zhu, 39, who was married with one son, aged 15, and two teenage daughters.

  • Lin Zhi Fang, 19, single.

  • Xu Yu Hua, 37, married. Police believe his wife was also killed in the tragedy, but her body has not yet been found. His cousins, Lin You Xing and Lin Guo Guang, also died in the waters.

    Map showing Liaoning and Fujian provinces, China

  • Wu Jia Zhen, 36, married with a son and a daughter.

  • Wu Hong Kang, 34, married.

  • Xie Xiao Wen, 41, married with a son.

  • Lin Guo Hua, 37, married.

  • Guo Bing Long, 28, who was married with two children.

  • Zhou Xun Cao, 38, married with a son.

  • Lin Guo Guang, 36, who was married with a son.

  • Cao Chao Kun, 35, married.

  • Guo Chang Mou, 18, single.

  • Yang Tian Long, 33. He was separated from his wife and left behind a 15-year-old son.

  • Lin Li Shui, 33.

  • Wang Min Lin, 37, who was married with a son and two daughters.

  • Lin You Xing, 38, who was married with a son. Police found his body weeks after the disaster on 5 February.


  • Chen Ai Qin, 39, was widowed with a son and a daughter.

  • Zhang Xiu Hua, 45. She was married with a daughter, aged 15, and a son, aged 22.

  • Wang Xiu Yu, 27, who was married with a daughter and lived in Liverpool.

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