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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 March 2006, 17:50 GMT
Council starts spring clean blitz
Rubbish left by fly-tipping
Fly tipping, litter, graffiti and chewing gum will be targeted
A council is launching a big clean up to rid its streets of litter, chewing gum, graffiti and flyposting.

The first street to be tackled by Preston City Council is New Hall Lane as part of its "Is Your Street Clean?" tidying up initiative.

Council staff will install new litter bins, remove chewing gum, flyposting and graffiti in the next eight weeks.

The campaign will also publicise issues such as recycling and litter using several ploys.

Beer mats

These include door knocking, distributing No Butts beer mats in local pubs, and displaying litter warning signs on the streets.

"The New Hall Lane clean up is only the start of the campaign and we want people who live in all areas of the city to keep the streets tidy and bin their rubbish," said Councillor John Swindells, Executive Member for Environment and Sustainability.

Sonia Scowcroft, Litter Education Officer who is organising the campaign, added: "We'll be giving New Hall Lane a clean sweep, but we also want local people to do their bit to keep the area tidy.

"Most people get fed up of litter being left lying around on the pavement and 'Is Your Street Clean?' is all about encouraging people to bin their rubbish."

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