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Last Updated: Friday, 17 March 2006, 10:14 GMT
Changes to 'barking' by-law bans
Banging a gong on the seafront is against the 1907 rules
Outdated Lancashire by-laws which ban beating carpets on the seafront and playing the trumpet on the promenade are to be changed.

The 1907 rule book for Morecambe and Heysham also warns of fines for those who "incite" dogs to bark or race any animals on the seafront.

Lancaster City Council now wants to change the by-laws to cover more up-to-date issues.

They include banning skateboards and kite buggies.

Residents have been asked to give their views on the new rules for the seashore and promenade.

The old by-laws included: "No person shall on the seashore, after being required to desist by any constable or officer of the council, incite a dog to bark to the annoyance of any person using the seashore."

Noisy trumpets

Carpet-beating was another concern, with visitors urged not to "beat, shake, sweep or brush or cleanse any carpet, drugget, rug or mat, or any other fabric retaining dust or dirt".

Ringing a bell, sounding a gong or playing a trumpet, or "any other noisy instrument", were also prohibited.

Lancaster Council said that the promenade by-laws were last updated in 1978.

It added: "The proposed replacement by-laws aim to balance wider recreational use of the promenade and seashore while protecting public safety.

"So cycling would no longer be prohibited, but skateboarding and rollerblading would not be allowed."

Morecambe's prom is currently being redesigned to tie in with the redevelopment of the Art Deco Midland Hotel project by Urban Splash.

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