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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 November 2005, 14:17 GMT
County signs dumped after protest
The dumped Lancashire County Council signs
The signs have been left by the side of the road
Campaigners who removed "Welcome to Lancashire" signs have dumped them by the side of the road.

CountyWatch has taken down more than 30 of the signs across Lancashire because it wants historic county boundaries to be restored.

The group, which has targeted other English counties, has left them on the A682 in Blacko, near Nelson.

Lancashire County Council told BBC News it planned to collect the signs and put them back.

The county boundaries marked by the signs were created as part of the Local Government Act in 1972.

Those borders targeted by CountyWatch include the boundaries between Lancashire and Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

Boundary protest 'to be reported'
14 Nov 05 |  Lancashire

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