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Last Updated: Sunday, 26 September, 2004, 11:49 GMT 12:49 UK
Bodies show targets young smokers
Image of a dissected body
Among the exhibits are a pair of lungs infected with cancer
Youngsters are being allowed in free to an exhibition of dead human bodies in a bid to persuade them not to smoke.

The Bodies Revealed exhibition waived the fee after statistics showed high numbers of youngsters are smokers.

Among the exhibits at Blackpool's Winter Gardens are bodies with the diseased lungs of smokers.

The show's Dr Roy Glover said: "We encourage parents to bring their kids to the exhibit. Many of the kids leave saying I'll never smoke!"

The American, who developed the show, added: "One of the most powerful messages in our exhibition is witnessing with your own eyes what smoking does to our bodies."

It shows first-hand just how smoking eventually kills you
Amanda Sandford, Ash
The normal entrance fee for teenagers aged up to 17 was 10.

The exhibition includes a display showing healthy lungs beside a pair infected with lung cancer.

It also features 13 dissected human specimens preserved using a revolutionary process called 'polymer preservation', or plastination, as well as 200 organs.

The exhibition aims to show visitors how our bodies work and the impact disease has on them.

Anti-smoking charity Ash (Action on Smoking and Health UK) has supported the move.

Controversial show

Research manager Amanda Sandford said: "Children are taught about the dangers of smoking but the real danger is that you can't see the damage that smoking can do to you.

"This exhibition is a way of solving that problem because it shows first-hand just how smoking eventually kills you."

Specimens at the show belonged to people who gave their bodies to medical science without limitations in their wills.

The exhibition has proved controversial, with Rev Michael Manley, vicar of the resort's St John's Church, claiming it was more about "sensationalism" than education.

Corpse exhibition provokes anger
29 Jul 04  |  Lancashire

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