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Boy has pioneering leg surgery
Michael McKenzie
Michael's leg is already three inches longer
A Lancashire boy is making remarkable progress after having pioneering surgery to lengthen one of his legs.

Five-year-old Michael McKenzie went to the United States after consultants told him his only option was to have his leg amputated.

Michael, of St Anne's, was born with proximol focal femoral deficiency. His right leg is shorter than his left.

A US consultant made a new hip joint and fitted a metal frame to his pelvis which slowly stretches his leg bone.

Michael's mother, Ginette McKenzie, says the family sought several opinions before crossing the Atlantic.

"They told us they were going to have to amputate his foot and his lower part of his leg, in order to fit a prosthetic limb so he would be able to walk.

"We went for second opinion after second opinion and that seemed to be the general consensus really, that that's what was going to have to happen."

After having the operation in Baltimore, Michael's leg is already three inches longer.

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