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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 August, 2004, 17:40 GMT 18:40 UK
Family's house blighted by mould
Donna Jamieson
Donna Jamieson's family spend daylight hours out of the house
A mother of five young children says a fungus outbreak in her council house is damaging the family's health.

The black mould began in Donna Jamieson's Blackburn home two months ago, then started to sprout fungus.

Leakage from the inhabited house next door caused the problem but the council was baffled because the water supply there had been switched off.

The council said Ms Jamieson's wallpaper would be removed and the walls disinfected.

The family has stopped using the front room but the rest of the house is so damp that most of the furniture is ruined.

'Chest infections'

Donna Jamieson said: "It's horrendous. It's unbearable. We get up in the morning, just get dressed and we're off out. We can't stay in the house."

"The baby's had chest infection after chest infection... Katie (an older daughter) got up with an eye infection this morning. I've been chesty for the past three or four days."

Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council made contact with the owner of the neighbouring house on Wednesday and visited the property with him the following day.

A council spokeswoman said: "The hot water cylinder within the property had been stolen and therefore water had been leaking into the bathroom.

"The water pipes have now been blanked off so no more water can escape and the property will now begin to dry out.

"We are to serve a notice to ensure that the wallpaper is removed from Mrs Jamieson's house and the walls disinfected to remove the mould growth as it is prejudicial to health".

Donna Jamieson is still waiting to see if she and her family can be rehoused.

Damp blamed for 'mushroom farm'
03 Aug 04  |  Lancashire

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