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'Bra maids' collect lost undies
Brannigans bar staff
All unclaimed bras will be auctioned for a breast cancer charity
A pub chain is appointing "bra maids" to collect underwear discarded by over-enthusiastic revellers.

Brannigans has collected 124 bras so far this year from its 15 outlets, and wants see them returned to their rightful owners.

Bar managers have appointed bra maids from their staff, who will gather up bras at closing time, rather than the usual round-up of empty glasses.

The Blackpool-based firm has even set up a bra hotline for those women who want to claim back their smalls, before "DD Day" on Sunday.

Unclaimed items will be auctioned off, with proceeds donated to charity.

Darren Lea, regional manager at Brannigans, said: "We obviously don't want to keep them in the outlets and one of the staff suggested that it would be a good idea to auction them and donate the money to a breast cancer charity.
We're just giving our customers the chance to reclaim what is rightfully theirs - no questions asked
Darren Lea
Regional manager

"I think that while some of them will be quite hot property, a number may struggle to raise more than a couple of pounds."

Bras are not the only items lefts behind by their owners after a night out.

Brannigan's top ten of lost property also includes false nails, chest wigs and garters.

Glass eye

A plaster cast and a glass eye have also been among the recent discoveries.

Mr Lea said: "Our customers tend to be young groups of friends looking for a great night out.

"We are particularly popular with stag, hen and office parties which may explain why the lost property box is full of strange items.

"We're just giving our customers the chance to reclaim what is rightfully theirs - no questions asked!"

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