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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 May, 2003, 13:20 GMT 14:20 UK
Clear up after bull rampage
A CCTV picture of the bull in G.B Antiques, Lancaster
The owners of an antiques market have been clearing up after an escaped bull ran amok in the Lancashire store.

The rampaging animal injured a woman and destroyed thousands of pounds worth of goods at GB Antiques and Furnishings in Lancaster.

The bull - which was later shot dead by a police marksman - made its way to the store after escaping from a local auction mart on Monday.

It knocked over a woman who was taken to hospital with a bruised shoulder, though she was later discharged after treatment.

Officers were called to the market at 1050 BST on Monday and found the injured woman.

It was decided...it was unwise for attempts to be made to capture the animal
Lancashire Police spokesman
It was not until nearly three hours later that the bull was shot, after it had been locked inside one of the showrooms.

Allan Blackburn, owner of the antiques centre, said the incident could have been much more serious.

He told BBC North West Today on Tuesday: "We managed to contain the situation well. If it had happened three hours later we would probably have had over 1,000 people in the centre.

"As it was we had only just opened, so there was probably only about two dozen people in here at the time."

A police spokesman said the decision to shoot the bull was made because of the danger posed by the situation.

Firearms officers were called, the area was cordoned off, and the bull was killed at around 1335 BST.

"It was decided the bull did pose a risk to public safety and it was unwise for attempts to be made to capture the animal," said a Lancashire Police spokesman.

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