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Female porn director to fight Parliament seat in Kent

Anna Arrowsmith
Anna Arrowsmith says she wants to achieve change in Gravesham

A pornographic film director has been selected as the Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for Gravesham, Kent.

Anna Arrowsmith, managing director of adult entertainment firm Easy on the Eye Productions, has directed hundreds of films under the pseudonym Anna Span.

Mrs Arrowsmith, 38, believes women are under-represented in Parliament.

Party leader Nick Clegg said although her job was not "his cup of tea", she cared passionately about her area.

He told GMTV that she was certainly no "cardboard cut-out Westminster politician", but said it was important that "people like her" who cared about their local areas put themselves forward.

Gravesham's Tory MP Adam Holloway added that people should not pre-judge her.

Mrs Arrowsmith, who has an MA in philosophy and lives in Groombridge, said Margaret Thatcher's performance during the 1979 general election campaign had sparked her interest in politics and the current expenses scandal had spurred her on.

She said: "If people don't know what I do for a living then they would never know.

"The local party and the local people who I have so far met have seen that I'm very driven.

Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone
Adam Holloway

"I'm not campaigning on behalf of my old industry. I'm campaigning on behalf of the people in the Gravesham area.

"When people get to see me, they will realise that I'm used to project managing and that I'm driven to achieve change rather than just promising it."

Referring to Mrs Arrowsmith's link to the pornography industry, Mr Holloway said: "Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.

"It's not my thing but I'm sure she is probably a very nice woman. We'll see."

'Unusual occupation'

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats said: "The Liberal Democrats are proud to have candidates throughout the country with a great diversity of backgrounds and life experiences.

"Anna will be a strong candidate for Gravesham, and with her family links to the area we believe she is the best person to bring fairness to local people."

Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Gravesham Kathryn Smith said: "What Anna does is certainly an unusual occupation but that is her choice and it doesn't offend me.

"What concerns me more is the Liberal Democrat's confusion on the economy and soft approach on crime. They flip flop between expensive spending commitments one minute and promises of tax cuts the next."

The UK Independence Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Gravesham is Geoffrey Clark.

Richard Crawford will stand for the Green Party and Steven Uncles for the English Democrats.

Resident in Gravesham

Reaction to porn director MP bid

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