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Lizard lounge built at waterworks

Slow worm coiled up
Slowworms feed on slugs, snails, spiders, insects and earthworms

A lounge for legless lizards is being built at a water treatment works in Kent as a refuge for reptiles and slowworms near the site.

South East Water said the creatures would be able to use the "hibernaculum" - a hibernation place - being built at Goudhurst Treatment Works.

The company is renewing pipes at the site which connect boreholes to the plant, in a £500,000 project.

Boreholes bring water stored in an underground aquifer to the surface.

Project manager Paul Clifford said: "Our ecologists suggested building the hibernaculum at Goudhurst during the pipe-laying scheme as we believe there is a population of reptiles and slowworms, which are a type of legless lizard, nearby.

"A group of lizards is described as a lounge of lizards, so we are hopeful that lots of insects and reptiles are attracted to the hibernaculum 'lounge' where they can be kept safe and sound."

Slowworms feed on slugs, snails, spiders, insects and earthworms.

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