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Baby girl born after bus adverts

Linda Weeks and daughter Katy
Linda and Richard Weeks had been trying to have a baby for 14 years

A 55-year-old woman who advertised for an egg donor on London buses has given birth to a healthy baby girl.

Linda Weeks, from Maidstone, Kent, and her husband Richard are the proud parents of Katy, born after 14 years of trying for a baby.

The couple spent 2,000 on the advertisements before finding a woman willing to help them conceive.

It was Mrs Weeks' last chance for fertility treatment, which cannot continue after a woman reaches 55.

Katy was delivered by Caesarean section at Maidstone Hospital four weeks ago weighing 5lbs 11oz (2.6kg).

Mrs Weeks, who carried her daughter full term, said she was overwhelmed by the anonymous donor's gift.

"She is extremely generous and she has given us the gift of life, and has given Katy the gift of life," Mrs Weeks said.

"Whatever Katy becomes in her life, it is down to three of us."

Mr Weeks added: "I'm just so proud and so grateful."


The 50 adverts were placed on buses in London on 19 March 2007, the day before their 14th wedding anniversary, and included a photo of the couple getting married.

The advert said: "We'll never be Mummy and Daddy unless a wonderful woman aged 36 or under can help us by donating some of her eggs.

"You are our only chance of happiness."

At the time, Transport for London said its advertising space had previously been used for marriage proposals and happy anniversary wishes, but never an appeal for an egg donor.

Mrs Weeks had previously placed adverts for an egg donor in her local newsagents after spending more than 20,000 on fertility treatment.

Almost 100 women responded to the Logan Centre for Assisted Reproduction in London after seeing the bus advert, but only one went through with the egg donation. She was not paid for the procedure.

The fertilised egg was implanted at London Fertility Clinic.


Linda Weeks' remarkable story


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