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Angler catches heavyweight carp

John Bird with Two Tone
The owners of the lake expect Two Tone to grow even larger

An angler in east Kent has landed a 67lb carp after trying to catch it for eight years.

John Bird, 26, hauled in the huge fish at Connington Lake in his hometown of Ashford, at 0200 BST on Sunday.

If the British Record Fish Committee verify the catch, it will break its current record for the biggest freshwater fish landed in the UK.

Mr Bird released the gigantic carp, affectionately known to anglers as Two Tone, after taking a photograph.

He described catching Two Tone as a very emotional moment.

'Even larger'

"It was 2.30am when the bite alarm went off. Some 15 minutes later the fish was safely in the net. I only realised it was the record fish when I saw the colouring of its fins.

"I have had so many calls I had to turn my phone off at work, but it has been really great and I have been touched by all the messages of congratulations, " he added.

Two Tone, who was brought to Connington Lake in the late 80s by Mid Kent Fisheries, has been caught before at a slightly lighter weight.

Chris Logsdon, manager of Mid Kent Fisheries, said they expected him to grow even larger.

"This carp has been growing and growing over the last 20 years, and we hope to be the first water to get a 70lb carp."


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