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Activists target coal-fire power
The chimney at Kingsnorth Power Station
Activists wrote Gordon Brown's name on the side of a chimney in 2007
Climate change activists are to stage a week of action at the site of a proposed coal-fired power station.

Campaigns announced on Tuesday that they plan to set up a Climate Camp at E.ON's Kingsnorth site near Rochester, Kent, from 4 to 11 August.

The organisers said they would start the week with an event at Heathrow Airport, the site of the 2007 Climate Camp, before marching to Kent.

E.ON said it supported their right to hold a peaceful protest on public land.

Climate Camp organisers said they decided to move the site from Heathrow to Kingsnorth to highlight "government and corporate collusion to expand the fossil fuel economy".

'Avert catastrophic change'

Natasha Edleman, of the camp, said: "Building a new coal-fired power station in the middle of a climate crisis is madness.

"The science shows that we only have a few years left to avert catastrophic climate change. That's why the this year's camp will be at Kingsnorth.

"If it gets built then there are seven more power stations coming. This must be stopped."

E.ON UK wants to build two coal-fired units near Rochester, the first in the UK for 24 years.

It says it would demolish an existing power station at the Kingsnorth site and replace it with one that is 20% cleaner.

1,800 police officers

A spokesman for E.ON said: "We are hopeful that they (the activists) will stay out of the power station and as long as that happens I am sure we can live together.

"We fully support their right to protest as long as it's a peaceful protest and they stay off our land."

He said E.ON reviewed security after Greenpeace gained access to its site in October.

Heathrow climate camp
There were minor skirmishes at the climate camp at Heathrow Airport
Medway Council gave its approval to the E.ON planning application at the beginning of January.

The final decision on the proposed coal-fired station will now be made by the government.

If approved, E.ON said the power station would be operational by 2012 and provide enough energy for 1.5m homes.

More than 7m was spent on policing during the climate change protest at Heathrow Airport, according to Scotland Yard.

Up to 1,800 police officers were on duty on busy days during the eight-day Camp for Climate Action in August 2007.

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