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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 November 2007, 12:30 GMT
Police deny revellers were beaten
Claims that revellers at an illegal rave experienced police brutality are being investigated by the Kent force.

Ravers at the party near Sittingbourne on Saturday night said officers were kicking and punching girls in the head and "indiscriminately beating people".

Assistant Chief Constable Dave Ainsworth refuted the claims, saying 55 officers were there, but out of the 300 revellers just three were arrested.

"That doesn't sound like an excessive use of force in my view," he said.

"Most of the people, and the organisers themselves, complied with the requirement of the law to actually shut the event down."

I was hit across my right knee with a metal baton
Daniel, who was at the rave

The three arrested men were later bailed pending further inquiries.

One of the revellers at the event at Endings Wood told the BBC that he was now using crutches after he was allegedly hit with a police baton.

Daniel, from Canterbury, said: "I saw one of my friends pushed onto the floor and literally being stamped on by the police.

"I dived down to try and help him up and... I was hit across my right knee with a metal baton."

He claimed a friend was also knocked unconscious with a baton and then kicked while she was on the ground.

'Spitting and kicking'

Kent Police said several people had refused to leave the event despite repeated requests.

"Officers, originally in flat caps, came under missile attack and police dogs were deployed to clear a space in order that they could equip themselves and put helmets on," a statement said.

"Some of those present were punching, spitting, kicking and assaulting officers," it went on.

The force said medical assistance was offered to a woman with an asthmatic condition, but no other medical issues were brought to their attention.

It said all complaints were taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

ACC Ainsworth said just one complaint had been received by Wednesday.


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