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WWII collection in lost property
WWII letters
The memorabilia includes letters written to the Johnson family
Lost property officers are hoping to find the owner of a collection of World War II memorabilia found behind some garages.

The collection includes long-service medals dated from 1939 to 1941, photographs and letters and an article from the East Kent Gazette dated 1941.

They were found in Prince Charles Avenue, Sittingbourne, in June.

"They are a testament to our living history," said Kent Police lost property officer Claire Fenn.

Release book

The collection was due to be destroyed because it remained unclaimed after three months at Sittingbourne police station.

"It seemed such a shame, so I decided to find their rightful owners," said Ms Fenn.

The items include a soldier's release book in the name of Frank Spice and the newspaper article relates to Able Seaman Johnson, who died in action with the Royal Navy.

There are also letters written to the family of Mr Johnson.

"These items will have sentimental value for the relatives, as they are clearly items of a personal nature," said Ms Fenn.

"It would be lovely if we could reunite these with the owners or relatives in time for Remembrance Day."

Police lost property teams are holding the mystery medals

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